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Discover Lake Shirakaba

Tourist Guide for Lake Shirakaba


Lake Shirakaba, situated at an altitude of about 1,400 meters, has a 4-kilometer circumference and offers a variety of activities for every season. In spring, enjoy the lush greenery; in summer, a refreshing retreat; in autumn, vibrant foliage; and in winter, a ski resort. The charm of Lake Shirakaba is enhanced by the diverse individuals who manage the accommodations, including hotels, pensions, inns, and villas, and the various dining options. These people and their unique backgrounds contribute to the special experience we invite you to discover at Lake Shirakaba.


Explore the facilities around Lake Shirakaba based on your interests - "STAY," "PLAY & SHOP," and "EAT." Discover unique characteristics and personalities of each venue, and find your ideal destination for your next visit to Lake Shirakaba.

Shirakabako Royal Hotel

Zero minutes to the slopes! A hotel nestled by the ski resort, Shirakabako Royalhill.

Yashigamine Hotel

Nestled on a hill overlooking Lake Shirakaba with Mount Tateshina in the backdrop, our hotel is perched at an elevati...

Marimo Shokudo

A refined, well-established diner situated by Lake Shirakaba, showcasing a diverse menu with soba taking the spotligh...

Shirakaba Resort Ikenotaira Snow Park

Ideal for family skiing, our ski resort is crafted for a winter wonderland of snow-filled play, skiing adventures, an...

SANU Lake Shirakaba 1st / 2nd

SANU 2nd Home - Your Second Home in NatureA monthly subscription for your "second home" stay at SANU's original cabin...

Pension Kofu

We aspire to be an inn where guests can drop in casually and would want to return. Whether you are into trekking in ...


Meet the individuals who live and work around Lake Shirakaba. Despite being in the same region, each person's experience is unique, and the essence of Lake Shirakaba is captured in the words of every individual.

We aim to create a place where families and couples can enjoy themselves more casually.

Riku Ozawa

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We need to take hydrophilicity seriously.

Yoshihisa Ryokaku

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Since moving here, I've fallen in love with all four seasons.

Sae Yoshimura

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