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Guest House Blueberry

An intimate hot spring retreat for pure indulgence. Relax amidst nature and bask under the starry sky at night. This guest house not only offers easy access to summer attractions but is also conveniently located right next to Shirakaba Lake Royal Hill Ski Resort, allowing seamless travel between the guest house and the slopes during the winter.

3419-41 Shirakabako, Kitayama, Chino-shi, Nagano

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As I found more personal space and a sense of relaxation, I came to realize that having nothing around is truly a luxury.

Sae Yoshimura

This place is my husband's family home, and about 5 to 6 years ago, we moved to Lake Shirakaba when my husband took over the family business. The name "Guest House Blueberry" was inspired by the image of blueberries that came to his parents' minds when they envisioned a highland as they opened the inn.

Upon our initial move here, being originally from Osaka—a bustling city with abundant shopping and entertainment options—it took me a while to adjust to this quieter environment where things are more serene, and initially, I felt concerned about not knowing anyone. However, as I began to make friends through raising my children, I started to appreciate the charm of this place. Now, I even believe that having nothing around is a luxury. Despite my previous wish for more activity around the lakeside within the region, I have recently come to view the lack of bustling activity as an advantage. With more personal time and a relaxed state of mind, I have genuinely come to appreciate the beauty of the scenery and nature.

In the past, I worked as a snowboarder, so naturally, I love the winter season. However, I also adore and highly recommend the landscapes of ski resorts during the off-season. Hence, even though I still enjoy winter, I have grown to love all four seasons. The season of fresh greenery is remarkably vivid, and the early autumn when the susuki grass sways is nothing short of magical. Particularly from September to November, the slope from Yashigamine Park to Blueberry, adorned with shimmering susuki grass in the wind, has become a personal favorite.

While many guests visit in winter due to the proximity to the ski resort, I would be delighted if visitors in other seasons also come to savor the luxury of "having nothing" and thoroughly enjoy their time here.

The entrance carries a hint of a blueberry scent

A charming entrance featuring a billiard table

The only inn with a private natural hot spring open-air bath at Lake Shirakaba

Situated at an elevation of 1,500 meters, deeply nestled in nature, this inn is located in Yashigamine Park overlooking Lake Shirakaba. Offering abundant outdoor experiences, it serves as an excellent hub for the panoramic drive on the Venus Line. Barbecue dinners on the private terrace are popular, and the private natural hot spring open-air bath is available for exclusive use.

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