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Living in Lake Shirakaba

Life in Tateshina Kogen and Shinshu Lake Shirakaba

Lake Shirakaba, a highland lake at an elevation of 1,416 meters, is situated in the heart of Shinshu. Established in 1946 to secure agricultural water for the Kashiwabara district located approximately 10km down the road, this artificial lake has transformed into one of Japan's premier highland resorts.

As you set foot into the villa area from the lake, you enter a tranquil, private space where time flows peacefully. The elevated terrain and lush greenery create a pleasant atmosphere, allowing you to experience the distinctive seasons of Japan throughout the year.

Summer brings a comfortably cool breeze and low humidity, while in the fall, you can appreciate the gradually changing colors of the trees. Winter invites activities like reading or sitting by the fireplace amidst the pure white, snow-covered landscape. As the snow melts and spring arrives, sense the vitality from budding greenery, blossoming flowers, and awakening animals, marking the beginning of a new year.

Sensing the delicate vitality and expressions of nature is truly the foremost privilege of living here.

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The Two Areas

Lake Shirakaba Villa Area
- Kashiwabara Tourism Comittee

Managed by the Kashiwabara Tourism Committee overseeing Shinshu's Lake Shirakaba. Introducing local insights on tourism, history, and the highland resort life in the Lake Shirakaba Villa Area.

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Shirakaba Kogen Midori no Mura

Experience the greenery of spring, the summer breeze, the autumn foliage, and the winter landscapes – immerse yourself in nature throughout the changing seasons. Surrounded by birch forests with numerous streams and offering panoramic views of the Yatsugatake Range and Southern Alps, support for resort life in Shinshu's matured Shirakaba Kogen "Midori-no-Mura" awaits.

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