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Discover Lake Shirakaba

Nestled at an altitude of approximately 1,400 meters, Lake Shirakaba spans about 4 kilometers in circumference. Along its shores, we offer diverse activities, allowing each visitor to tailor their time to their preferences.

Whether it is the lush greenery of spring, the refreshing retreat in summer, the vibrant autumn foliage, or the winter transformation into a ski resort, Lake Shirakaba offers something for every season. Also, the people who contribute to this environment are an integral part of Lake Shirakaba's charm.

Various accommodations, including hotels, pensions, inns, and villas, along with diverse dining options, are managed by individuals with unique backgrounds.

Through these people and the experiences they create, we invite you to connect with the distinctive essence of Lake Shirakaba.

Experience and
People on
Lake Shirakaba

Explore the facilities around Lake Shirakaba based on your interests - "STAY," "PLAY & SHOP," and "EAT."
Discover unique characteristics and personalities of each venue, and find your ideal destination for your next visit to Lake Shirakaba.