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Shirakaba Resort Ikenotaira Snow Park

Ideal for family skiing, our ski resort is crafted for a winter wonderland of snow-filled play, skiing adventures, and first-time lifts!
Our children-friendly slope comes complete with a convenient moving walkway, and our ski school welcomes youngsters as young as 4. Gota-kun's Hyahho Mountain invites you to ski while engaging with various fun items, and if you are lucky, you might even be able to meet Gota-kun himself!
Beyond the slopes, visitors can revel in the excitement of our sledding playground and the winter animal park, home to charming creatures like seals, owls, and more.
Situated conveniently adjacent to Ikenotaira Hotel, it is the perfect haven for families seeking a worry-free experience. After a day on the slopes, indulge in post-ski activities such as indoor heated swimming pools, bowling, and relaxing hot springs.

Shirakaba Resort Ikenotaira Snow Park

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The allure of Lake Shirakaba's nature is truly captivating.
I adore the scent of spring, signaling the awakening of plants and animals as winter comes to an end.


I work with the hope that everyone can fully enjoy their time skiing and return home without any injuries.

Though I did not ski much initially, I now find great enjoyment in it. While our main customer base consists of families at the moment, we hope to attract younger generations through social media advertisements, inviting them to come and enjoy as well.

The nature of Lake Shirakaba is captivating, especially in spring. The unique scent of the season, after winter has passed, is delightful.
My recommended spot is the terrace at the summit of Mt. Kurumayama. The view is absolutely stunning.

Whether you are with family or going solo, feel free to come and enjoy skiing!

There's a dedicated area where you can not only revel in the snow but also interact with animals

The powder snow makes skiing a breeze, making it perfect for those making their skiing debuts!

Our ski school offers lessons for kids from the age of 4, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience

Whether you are with family or going solo, feel free to come and enjoy skiing!

Perfect for snow play and skiing debuts.

Discover the pleasures of powder snow conveniently from the Tokyo metropolitan area! Shirakaba Resort seamlessly combines a ski resort and hotel, providing a range of enjoyable activities such as snow play, skiing, snowboarding, and indoor facilities like heated swimming pools, bowling, and hot springs.

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