18.July. 2024 19:55

Pension Kofu

We aspire to be an inn where guests can drop in casually and would want to return.
Whether you are into trekking in the scenic Yatsugatake Mountains, cycling along the Venus Line, taking on the challenge of cycling the Daimon Highway, feeling the breeze on your skin while canoeing along the shores of Lake Shirakaba, or marveling at the night sky filled with countless stars, our inn is the perfect place for you.

3419-1 Kitayama, Chino-shi, Nagano

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Additionally, I have set up a personal hobby room – an airplane flight simulator room! Whether you are intrigued or not, I encourage everyone to give it a try.

Masataka Asano & Mineko Asano

We purchased the pension during the pandemic and took the bold step of moving here. I used to serve in the Self-Defense Force and actually retired this year. While many retired Self-Defense Force members typically transition to roles in disaster management at city halls, I was not interested in continuing to work in crisis management. I preferred the option to be at home for my family in case of emergencies. That is why I always had the desire to start my own business.

After about two years of searching for properties listed for sale, I finally discovered this place. I found it adorable. Truthfully, I did not inform my wife until the last minute because I knew she might object (laughs). According to my wife, she commented, "Isn't this like an extension of housework?" Despite her reservations, she manages everything skillfully.

Our previous home had a close-up view of Mount Fuji, so I wanted a place with beautiful mountain views. Here, climbing Mount Kurumayama offers a view of Mount Kirigamine, and from the Inamaru-Fujimidai Parking Lot on the Venus Line, Mount Fuji is clearly visible. One of my favorite spots is also the garbage recycling center. You might be thinking, "A garbage dump?" Well, we usually go to the Suwa South Recycling Center, but the view from there is spectacular, with a panoramic view of the Yatsugatake Mountains.

The inn has retained its basic layout, but we have added personal touches here and there to make it uniquely ours. For example, the stairs and hallway floors are both green, but we have subtly altered the colors. In the hallway, we have decorated it with paintings of Taizi Harada and Chihiro Iwasaki, who have connections to this area. Nice touch, right? Additionally, we have scattered small items throughout, taking advice from our daughter. In the future, we are considering the creation of pet-friendly and barrier-free rooms.

Also, I have set up a personal hobby room – an airplane flight simulator room! Whether you are intrigued or not, I encourage everyone to give it a try.

As we prepare to officially commence operations, I feel a mix of excitement and nervousness, but I genuinely hope many people will visit. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to our fantastic location!

Bright dining room with a panoramic view of Lake Shirakaba

Beautiful open space with furniture and stained glass

Rooms with distinctive atmospheres in each

Carpets as vibrant as fresh green leaves

Pension Kofu

An inn where you can feel the Lake Shirakaba breeze. Located in the Tateshina Kogen Ikenotaira, at the foot of the northern mountain of the Yatsugatake Mountain Range, Mount Tateshina.

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