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Marimo Shokudo

A refined, well-established diner situated by Lake Shirakaba, showcasing a diverse menu with soba taking the spotlight, complemented by udon, set meals, and more. The Tempura Zaru-Soba Set and Tempura Soba Set are generously portioned, featuring crispy shrimp and vegetable tempuras. The tempura incorporates freshly harvested seasonal vegetables and occasionally highlights ingredients unique to the Shinshu area. The horse sashimi set menu is also quite popular.

3418-1 Shirakabako, Kitayama, Chino City, Nagano, Japan

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I have been living in Lake Shirakaba since birth, so I have grown accustomed to its presence in my everyday life (laughs). It has become an everyday sight.

Seiji Takizawa

The business was kick-started by my grandfather, who was part of the generation that laid the groundwork for the region when Lake Shirakaba was established. The name "Marimo Shokudo" was named by a friend from that era, a member of the Hope Lodge Riding Farm. Later on, my parents took the reins, and about five or six years ago, I stepped into the picture, bringing us to where we are today.

July here feels like spring, making it the most pleasant time of the year. My favorite spot? A little up the hill from here, there is an Observatory with a stunning view of Lake Shirakaba. I swing by there now and then to reset and refresh.

Having lived by Lake Shirakaba since birth, I have grown accustomed to its presence (laughs). Yet, whenever I return home after being away, I am always reminded of what a gem this place is. The lake is just the right size, offering a peaceful haven.

While not the most convenient spot for a quick stroll from the train station, I would recommend it to those seeking a laid-back and serene escape.

Our restaurant is easily accessible from around the lake, so feel free to swing by for lunch.

"Marimo Shokudo," since Grandpa's time

Seiji Takizawa's favorite spot - the Observatory

A cozy atmosphere with lots of wooden interior

Enjoy a peaceful time while eating handmade soba noodles

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