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SANU Lake Shirakaba 1st / 2nd

SANU 2nd Home - Your Second Home in NatureA monthly subscription for your "second home" stay at SANU's original cabins, conveniently accessible from the city, nestled near the picturesque sea, mountains, and lake.

1580 Ashida-Hakkano, Tateshina, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano

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After trail running on Mount Kurumayama, there's a familiar feeling of homecoming, as if saying, "I'm back." Lake Shirakaba is more of a place to return to than merely a destination.

Takahiro Homma & Gen Fukushima

When choosing SANU's location, our focus was on whether we truly wanted this place to become our second home. The first location would be considered as where SANU first began. Thus, we were committed to pick a place where the land was pure.

The day of our first visit to Lake Shirakaba remains vivid in memory. A SANU member recommended it as a fantastic place, and upon arrival, we were pleasantly surprised by the low humidity and the refreshing, cool air from the high altitude.
After driving all the way from Tokyo and finally reaching Lake Shirakaba, which felt quite distant, we parked the car. As we stepped outside, a young man from the other side ran towards us, waving and saying, "Hello!" It was Mr. Gota from Yatsugatake Adventure Tours.
In that moment, I thought, "What a refreshing place this is!" Later, we also met Mr. Yajima from Ikenotaira Hotel. We believed that if such pleasant people were here in this beautiful natural setting, there was no other choice but to establish SANU here.
While typical vacation homes tend to be a bit more commercialized, the atmosphere here at Lake Shirakaba is less commercial, which appealed to us.

Lake Shirakaba offers a wide variety of activities, including skiing, canoeing, and trekking. I enjoy all the seasons, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would have to be summer or winter (laughs). My (Mr. Fukushima's) preferred way to spend time at Lake Shirakaba is to go running around the lake from around 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning, as the morning haze begins to lift. Sometimes I even do two laps. Due to the high elevation, even during the hot seasons, the air is cool and crisp, reminding me of my hometown in Hokkaido.
I (Mr. Homma) particularly love winter. I love the white, snow-covered scenery of Mount Kurumayama. I also cherish that moment when you feel the difference in air, entering a heated room from the cold outdoors. It is comforting how it relaxes both the mind and the body. I like to go trekking on Mount Kurumayama, but I especially love that moment when I get to enjoy a glass of beer with some rainbow trout stew. Spending time by the lake where you do not have to work so hard is great too.

The view of Lake Shirakaba from Mount Kurumayama, where the lake spreads out at the foot of the mountain. The sight of Mount Kurumayama and Lake Shirakaba together is a powerful scene. Not many lakes allow you to easily navigate around while also seeing what is happening on the other side. Being able to comprehend the entire scenery from where you stand provides a sense of reassurance.
Returning from trail running on Mount Kurumayama, there is a familiar feeling of homecoming, as if saying, "I'm back." Lake Shirakaba is more of a place to return to than merely a destination, and that is probably why it feels like home.

Indoors, where the original furniture stands out.

"Lake Shirakaba 1st" boasts an excellent location with the lake right in front

"Lake Shirakaba 2nd" nestled in the midst of the forest

SANU 2nd home

SANU is a lifestyle brand aiming to realize a society where people coexist with nature. Through continuously proposing new lifestyle choices, we communicate to people what is necessary for people to live happily and healthily on this Earth. We sincerely think about the way to live in the future, positively changing our lifestyles.

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